HAAI Inc., Live Shark Encounter

Haai Inc. is dedicated to the preservation of the shark species they partner with aquariums across the country to not only obtain our sharks but also to provide a beneficial place for them to "retire" at our seasons end. We hope that through our education and preservation efforts wehelp to allow the shark species to thrive now and for the future.


Stingray Encounter LLC.

The world’s only traveling, self-contained Stingray Exhibit!  Let your patrons safely view and touch these wonderful creatures during your event and receive a hands-on educational experience.


Nergers Tiger Show

The Nerger Tiger Show states that all the Tigers are born in Captivity here in the States. They are actually the largest Tiger Show traveling in the country today. They just rescued 2 snow white tigers from a trainer that wasn’t able to take care of them.  

Kiddie land

Designed for just the little fairgoers. Tons of rides, games and much more! 

Come see the Animals

Stop by the barn to see the cows, pigs, horses, chickens, sheep and even bunnies!

Pedal Tractor Pull

Registration starts at 12:30. Bring your kids by to have some fun!


Barnyard olympics

Sun. 13th at 3pm. Do you have what it takes for the hay bail toss, wheel barrel race and more? If so come on down and have some fun. Sponsored by H&R Block Dallas Office. 


Measner Magic

John Measner is a professional magician who has plenty of whit, charm snd stunning illusions to entertain the whole family.  



Stop by and see the winners for this years entries.